Beach Cruisers

Riding Comfort

Cruiser bikes were specifically designed for smooth riding and comfort. From the types and sizes of wheels to the upright riding position and extended handle bars, you can enjoy yourself as you take a ride through the park, through your neighborhood or along the boardwalk of your local beach.

Design It

If you want something that's unique, there are online retailers that allow you to design your own customized beach cruiser. With this option you can select everything from the frame and wheels to the type of bike seat and colors. There are also lots of accessories that can be added to your bike.

Customize It

There are a lot of ways that you can put your own style and personality into your new beach cruiser. Items such as baskets, bells, lights, and fenders can give your bike a unique look and style. There are also other accessories like cup holders and baby seats available for beach cruisers.

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